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Bridgeport Sound Tigers

Bridgeport, CT

Rink - Webster Bank Arena
8412 Seats

Medicine Hat Tigers

Medicine Hat, AB

Rink - Medicine Hat Arena
4006 Seats

SCL Tigers

Langnau i.E., Switzerland

Rink - Ilfis Stadium
6500 Seats

Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers

Nuremberg, Germany

Rink - Arena Nurnberger Versicherung
8400 Seats

Straubing Tigers

Straubing, Germany

Rink - Eisstadion am Pulverturm
6000 Seats

Campbellton Tigers

Campbellton, NB

Rink - Memorial Civic Center
3500 Seats

Aurora Tigers

Aurora, ON

Rink - Aurora Community Center

Dalhousie Tigers

Halifax, NS

Rink - Dalhousie Arena
1600 Seats

RIT Tigers

Henrietta, NY

Rink - Frank Ritter Memorial Ice Arena
2100 Seats

Princeton Tigers

Princeton, NJ

Rink - Hobey Baker Memorial Rink
2092 Seats

Colorado College Tigers

Colorado Springs, CO

Rink - World Arena
7343 Seats

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